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The Leading SaaS Platform for Secure IT Service Delivery

What is

Tehama is a cloud-based SaaS solution that provides all the IT infrastructure needed for enterprises to connect, leverage and grow global teams securely. With Tehama, enterprises quickly connect with increased security through virtual and secured perimeters that extend zero trust network access to global employees and 3rd-party IT services providers. The Tehama platform reduces the risk of malware intrusion imposed into corporate networks from remote devices.

Tehama eliminates the potential of privileged credential theft and lateral network movement associated with VPN access. Tehama is a SOC 2 Type II compliant platform that enables global enterprises to onboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit employees and 3rd-party IT service providers, while avoiding the costs and project delays associated with IT infrastructure procurement and deployment.

Secure Remote Workforce Management

Leverage access controls, policies, and secure password vaults to provide remote workers, and 3rd-parties with controlled and monitored access to secured corporate assets. Create workspaces in which threats are isolated while enabling productivity and collaboration among privileged users.

  • Roles-based access controls
  • Identity access management
  • Privileged access controls with Zero Trust
  • One-time-use passwords
  • Secure access to global talent

Simplify Onboarding 3rd Parties

Quickly onboard/offboard, manage, scale, secure, and audit your global team. 

  • Rapidly build, scale up and down, end-user compute environments which are securely connected to corporate networks for performing development and IT service delivery.
  • Manage access to corporate network assets with zero-trust application-level precision.
  • Virtualize the entire endpoint laptop-shipping process, and cut the associated time and costs.

Accelerate Project Delivery Timelines

Drive massive cost efficiencies by avoiding IT infrastructure completely. Quickly onboard developer teams by avoiding manual processes with on-demand SaaS capabilities.

  • Cloud-based VDI and DaaS infrastructure
  • Lower CapEx for hardware and software
  • Reduced OpEx through on-demand SaaS
  • BYOD and quickly connect anywhere, anytime

Audit All Work Delivered

Ensure that all remote workers and 3rd-parties adhere to regulatory compliance standards. Use pre-built compliance-in-a-box workspaces  that meet security and regulatory standards, including SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, OSFI, and FIPS.

  • Forensic auditing with session recordings and storage
  • Powerful real-time activity monitoring
  • Policy controls and enhanced governance
"A lot of people are just not aware of how easy it is to set up these (Tehama) virtual desktops. They also don’t realize the cost savings of pay-as-you-go pricing compared to traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), when they needed to buy 20 racks of server gear to run their own VDI solution."

For Enterprises

Secure your mission-critical, data-sensitive applications when working with 3rd-party IT service providers. Reduce infrastructure and management costs, efforts, and security risks of a distributed workforce with centralized control. Minimize the risk of cyber threats with SOC 2 Type II compliant connectivity.

For Managed Service Providers

Win new business with trust and transparency into your service delivery capability with compliance-in-the-cloud and increased productivity. Gain instant compliance using a SOC 2, Type II solution highly customized for MSPs. Easily scale up or down with the ability to quickly onboard new talent securely.

Tehama is a game changer. In seconds, we can enable a highly compliant and secure environment for our managed services customers, without the delays and overhead of physical compute hardware.
With this evidence-based compliance posture you must have today, the Tehama a fantastic solution to show the evidence. We’re a huge fan of it. We believe this is the future.
Tehama is a strong example of the way that companies are diagnosing a need and developing to fill this chasm with next generation solutions capable of supporting the rigorous demands of the digital age.

150+ enterprises have adopted Tehama to secure their services supply chain

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